Welcome to the newly revised St. John’s RCIA blog

This blog is a resource for the RCIA team, RCIA participants, and for those person transitioning from other denominations to the Roman Catholic church at St. John’s.

While this blog is written entirely from a St. John’s point of view others are certainly welcome to come in, look around, and use these materials or modify them for your own use.  I always like a little bit of credit and a comment now and then would be nice as well!

The schedule for the RCIA program is under the schedule tab at the top of the page.

Program notes and resources are found as “pages”.

Please check back often as I hope to update this blog several times a week.

Due to the presence of about 500,000 spam comments all previous content has been deleted and comments in the future are disabled.  Will see what I can do to re-introduce content.


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